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About County Pet Service

Hi, my name is Janine and I live in Deerfield Beach, FL with my two cats, a foster cat and rescue dog.  I am an Animal Advocate, Pet Rescue Volunteer and former Pet Store Manager.  I started County Pet Service to aid nearby pet owners care for their furry children.  There are many things to consider when hiring a Dog Walker and Cat Sitter.  Please use this site to learn how I can help you and your pet.  Friend me on FaceBook and follow me on Twitter for helpful information.

Areas I Serve

To offer my client and their humans the best service I have a focused service area. If you live outside of the following areas, I will try to place you with other trusted pet service provider. Dog walking and pet sitting services in Deerfield Beach 33442, Deerfield Beach 33441, Coconut Creek 33073, Parkland 33067, Parkland 33076

No Obligation In-Home Consultation

Letting someone into your home to take care of your beloved pet is a big step for any owner. That’s why I will come to you for a FREE Meet and Greet. During this time I can address your questions, provide you with references, demonstrate my procedures, interact with your pet and discuss special needs. By the end of the meeting we will all know if this is the right fit. If so; I can start right away being a pal to your pooch and great support for you. If not; I can refer you to other dog walkers and sitters I know.

Dog Walking Service

I offer personalized dog walking service for each of my owners.  I do NOT do group walks unless you have more than one dog in your home that can be walked together.  I am trained in the proper way to walk dogs so that they follow my lead, get exercise and take care of their business.  Each visit includes walking, running, playing, brushing if needed. I always check of food & water bowls prior to locking up your home.

Pet Sitting Service

I love cats as much as I bond with dogs.  Allow me to offer stress free care for your pets when you are on vacation or working long hours.  Each visit includes playing, brushing, checking of food & water bowls, scooping kitty litter and/or change the litter box.

Residential Pet Waste Cleanup

Even the most responsible owners can fall behind on clearing the yard of dog waste. I offer both one-time and weekly services to help you maintain a clean and healthy environment for you dog.

Help Finding Lost Dog

Some dogs get out, some run away and others are actually stolen. When your Dog goes missing don't react. Respond! Together we will enact a thorough Lost Dog Action Plan that includes a door to door search, hanging of posters and an online blast. We will design, print and distribution flyers, set a humane trapping device, post to all possible web sites and contact local government agencies by phone. Having a systematic approach is the best chance of getting your loved one back home.

Animal Adoption & Fostering Assistance

The sad fact is there are more unwanted pets then loving homes. I can help when you are ready to open your home as a Foster Parent or looking for a life long companion. There are many local and national rescues that focus on cats, and both small and large breed dogs. "Don't Shop, Adopt."

Pets in Need of Your Help

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