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No Obligation Meeting

I will come to you for a FREE Meet and Greet. I can address your questions, provide you with references, demonstrate my procedures, interact with your pet and discuss special needs.

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Dog Walking

I do NOT do group walks unless you have more than one dog in your home that can be walked together. I am trained in the proper way to walk dogs so that they follow my lead, get exercise and take care of their business. Each visit includes walking, running, playing, brushing if needed. I always check of food & water bowls prior to locking up your home.

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Pet Sitting

I love cats as much as I bond with dogs. Allow me to offer stress free care for your pets when you are on vacation or working long hours. Each visit includes playing, brushing, checking of food & water bowls, scooping kitty litter and/or change the litter box.

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Adoption & Fostering

There are more unwanted pets then loving homes. I can help when you are ready to open your home as a Foster Parent or looking for a life long companion. There are many local and national rescues that focus on cats, and both small and large breed dogs. “Don’t Shop, Adopt.”

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Clean the Yard

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Nail Clipping

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Vet & Day Care Taxi

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Administer Meds

What clients say Recent reviews

When I first moved to Boca Raton nearly three years ago, I faced a problem in that I don’t drive a car and I was having my beloved Belgian Malonois dog chauffeured down from Reading, PA. I found a daycare dog spa for him but I needed someone to pick him up every weekday morning, drive him to daycare, then pick him up in the afternoon, walk him and put him in my apartment before I get home from work (following a visit to the gym). After careful screening, I selected Janine from County Pet Service. The two have become “best buds” and she has done an exceptional job. She’s taken him to the vet for me, and has provided much valuable advice for dealing with my Malinois, who can be quite a handful.
Richard G
Boca Raton, FL
There are only a few people I would trust with my precious Kitties, and I am so lucky that Janine with County Pets is so nearby. I can tell from my Babies’ behavior they are happy and well cared for with her…that, and the pile of toys everywhere! I had to leave them for almost 3 weeks, and I have to say on my return, I felt like they hardly missed me:..a testimony to her pet bonding skills! I have found my pets to be in the best hands with Janine at County Pet Service! THANK YOU!
Shari Kavalin
CEO, Elegant Escapes

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